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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Up to Rs.2.00 Lakh for Pensioner GO No.397 w.e.f. 14.11.08


Anonymous said...

Site is very much informative. My sincere request is that after scrutiny bills should not held up there in dispatch section beyond 24hrs just for the sake of making an entry in dispatch register as it involves serious financial implications on the patient. Please try and make a system that the moment scrutiny is over within 24hrs bills should be dispatched from NIMS to the respected departments or places and show those dates of dispatch in your blog which is highly appreciable.

Thanking you
TV Rao
Cell No.9293135294

Scrutiny Certificates said...

Mr.T.V.Rao Garu,
Thank you very much for your suggestion. The site is running by one social activist in order to help the patients. It is true that there was a severe problem in dispatch section. We tried to solve it and now brought it to minimum delay. Earlier 1 to 6 months have taken. Now we brought it maximum 10 days... as we are completing dispatch work for quick disposal(keeping into covers... though we are not concerned... as we find main delay in preparation of covers) It can not be possible to keep the dispatch date in site. You can contact the telephone No. kept in the site to know the dispatched position - NIMS GO Coverage Dept.